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Did you know 86 % of people avoid tv commercials and that 44% of ad mails remains un-opened?

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In contrast, direct marketing campaigns are not only cost-effective, and offer a high ROI, but also allow a stronger quality of engagement with customers. This may explain why 89% of marketers, business directors and business owners feel face-to-face marketing is the best medium for sales and why 93% of marketers and business directors feel face-to-face marketing is the most effective media to convert prospective customers

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This is why D&N Dream Inc works hard to provide top-tier corporations and non-profit organizations the following services:

Sales optimization

Customer Acquisition

Customer Retention

Brand Awareness & Loyalty

Personalized customer relations

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D&N dream inc. Harnesses the power of in person communication. After all, it is estimated that face-to-face communication nets 750 billion brand impressions annually, which is 300% more than social media posts, shares and “likes”

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