D&N Dream Inc


Why would Fortune 100 and 500 companies rely on direct marketing solutions?

Direct marketing offers several benefits for a company. Direct marketing campaigns are not only cost-effective, and offer a high ROI, but also allow a stronger quality of engagement with customers

Furthermore, while campaigns on other broad platforms such as social media, for example, may garner “likes” or “shares”, there is no guarantee that customers will ultimately go out and buy the product. Direct marketing, instead, allows products and services to immediately reach consumers. Additionally, direct marketing’s focus on personal communication encourages positive interactions with customers. As a result, contented customer will not only return, but also be more likely to recommend the service or product to friends, family and their online followers.

Where is your office located? And is this one of those jobs where I will be working at a desk for several hours?

Our office is located in the heart of Toronto, at the corner of Adelaide and Jarvis. In fact, our opportunities can also involve local and international travel! And absolutely not! Life at D&N Dream Inc. is never still--this is why we are looking for energetic individuals who can spread their enthusiasm to everyone.

What opportunities does D&N Dream Inc offer students?

Our organization offers the ideal environment for students and new graduates. We offer full-time and part-time summer positions where students can gain invaluable experience in developing sales, marketing and business management skills—while also earning an income. Such an opportunity can be especially rewarding for those interested or majoring in Marketing, Advertising, Business, and/or Communications.

We have also offer internship positions in the past, so be sure to check our Careers page frequently for any opportunities that may interest you.

Does direct marketing involve making telemarketing calls?

D&N Dream is focused on face-to-face and personal communication with customers. There are no telemarketing calls involved.

Does your organization conduct interviews through Skype or other web media?

While we would love to connect with you through online calls, we only do conduct interviews in-person. Please do reach out to us if you are in Toronto!

How long does it take to reach a leadership position at D&N Dream Inc.?

Advancing to a leadership role varies from person-to-person and is based on 100% effort. The growth may take 10 months to 14 months, depending on your work ethic, determination and willingness to learn.

I do not reside in Toronto. Can I still be considered to join your organization?

Our office is located downtown Toronto, on the corner of Adelaide and Jarvis (near King Station). If you are confident the commute to our office would be realistic on a daily basis, we would highly encourage you to apply!

Do you offer part-time positions?

Absolutely! Part time positions consist of 3 full days in a week. You may choose any consecutive days that suit your availability (ex. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays, or Thursday, Friday, Saturday).